Sponsoring the Machine Vision Conference could be a great component of your marketing strategy. Get a bigger ROI out of the conference, be part of the promotion media mix (mailings, advertisements, social media, content marketing and PR) and be present on 30 October, from a sponsor stand, to network with (potential) customers and partners.

* If available and timely registered
** If available and timely registered, not exchangeable for prior reservations

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Sponsor tips

Want to make the best out of your sponsorship and maximize your ROI? Help us by promoting your sponsorship!

  • Mailings: write an e-mail invite and encourage your relations to attend the conference and/or invite other relations as well
  • Calendar: publish the conference with date and location on your website, social media calendars, etc.
  • Content: write a short article about your presence at the conference, publish it on your website, link it in your e-mail signature, include it in newsletters and share it on social media (#mvc19)

Doing this increases event reach and attendance, which has mutual benefits, but it also gives you direct contact with the attendees prior, during and after the conference. Do not hesitate to ask us for content, visuals or other input.