Optical agri-food sorter uses AI close to the sensors

Agri-food sorting and harvesting machines benefit from compact AI cameras. The AI camera provides real-time segmented data: what do I see where. Easics’ AI solution interfaces directly with low-cost image sensors and doesn’t rely on the cloud. It contains an FPGA running a highly efficient deep neural network performing image interpretation. Orchid sorting is shown as a use case: from training till live demo.

About the speaker

Bram Senave began his career at On Semiconductor as a product engineer. He subsequently held various account and sales management positions at Alcom & Actility. Where he was driving sales of semiconductors, embedded computing and IoT connectivity solutions. In 2018 he joined easics, a System-on-Chip design services company targeting both ASICs and FPGA, as business Development Manager. His prime focus is to help easics’ customers and partners to integrate the right technology in their embedded systems. An example is the recent developed easics’ IP for Deep learning (AI).