Machine vision 2.0 – Beyond the visible

Today many vision systems are based on RGB and applied to automate existing processes, improving manufacturing efficiency and productivity. The next generation of vision systems makes use of advanced sensors based on multi- and hyperspectral imaging, narrow bands and more exotic wavelength ranges, providing higher accuracy and additional product insights, allowing users to differentiate themselves with new products and services. Cosine in Warmond developed and build several hyperspectral systems for space and industrial customers. In this presentation Cosine will present a few exciting applications, e.g. ‘see the ripeness of a tomato’ and share the outcome and challenges they encountered.

About the speaker

Prof. Dr Marco Beijersbergen is founder and managing director of Cosine. His goal is to use his experience and entrepreneurship to solve measurement challenges using a combination of science and technology. Beijersbergen completed his PhD at the Quantum Optics group of Leiden University. Having worked on XMM-Newton and Xeus at ESA/ESTEC, he proceeded to found Cosine. Now a well established group of companies, including subsidiaries Condi Food and Coseno, Cosine currently employs around 40 highly educated staff.

Beijersbergen enjoys sharing his expertise in different capacities, such as Honorary Professor at Leiden University Institute of Physics, as well as seats on (advisory) boards, committees and councils involved in the promotion of science and/or technology.