Quality measurements on fresh products via the WUR standardised colour cabinet

Quality of fresh products is an important factor throughout the supply chain. To actually understand which factors play a role in determining the quality of individual products, R&D departments of companies, research institutes and universities need to collect an enormous amount of data of thousands of fresh products in different stages of their development. In order to make the data collection more efficient and reusable, WUR has developed and IPSS has built a colour cabinet that allows for standardised measurements of fresh products. In this presentation, the colour cabinet is presented together with its practical applications.

About the speaker

Manon Mensink has been a researcher in the post-harvest technology field for almost 30 years. She has ample experience on the quality of fresh fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and cut flowers, and knows about the whole spectrum from plant physiology in the pre-harvest phase to quality aspects (ripeness, firmness, colour, …) of the products in the supply chain until the taste of products at the consumer. This experience helps in answering questions from the market through applied research in the Phenomea facility of Wageningen Food & Biobased Research.