How to change over to a new vision bus

Having vision implemented as a hardware and software module in multiple system architectures brings a lot of advantages. This is true, until the camera interface bus as the basic building block becomes obsolete. Changing over to another bus affects all vision components, such as cameras, cabling, computer hardware and software.

In this presentation, Jef Horijon discuss how Kulicke & Soffa Netherlands selected a new vision bus to replace Firewire, how backward compatibility and existing functionality are preserved and how the company used the transition as an opportunity to extend its capabilities. Furthermore, he will show some of the logistic challenges in that transition.

About the speaker

Jef Horijon is principal systems engineer with Kulicke & Soffa Netherlands and works for more than 33 years in the field of optics and machine vision in industrial systems at Philips, Assembléon and K&S. Horijon is teacher at High Tech Institute in several mechatronic systems courses.